Sunday, July 21, 2013

Galaxy S III Exploded using Counterfeit battery

Recently there was an incident in which a Swiss girl was injured as her Galaxy III exploded and blame was laid on the battery.

Swiss girl Fran Schaltter holds the phone that exploded in her pocket [Photo]

Samsung reacted to the news and took the burnt device for detailed analysis and investigation by experts. And the outcome of the investigation is that the the battery used in the device was counterfeit.

Samsung has issued a statement saying: The battery present in the phone “was not supplied or manufactured by Samsung or a company authorized by Samsung.”

If that be true, then Samsung has to be on its toes as to who is replacing the Samsung's official batteries with the counterfeit ones. This is an uphill task as reputation of Samsung and its flagship 2013 is seemingly at stake.

In the meantime, all Galaxy S III users are advised to get their batteries checked from Samsung's authorised dealers to prevent any incident of the kind.


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