Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Would you ditch your iPhone 5 for HTC One?

Well this is a serious question. Those glued to iPhones for many years, would find this question rather absurd and may just shrug off this post and the preposition.

But I came across one avid iPhone user who after using iPhones for years finally ditched it and bought the new HTC One instead.

Now do not take this post as an HTC One backed ad, it is something that a user confides and may not be the voice of all iPhone users. But the fact of the matter is that since the arrival of HTC One, many mobile phone users are turning towards it for many reasons.

Here is how Ben Reid of Redmond Pie looks at his decision of ditching iPhone in favour of HTC One:
The foremost factor is the disappointment over iPhone 5 - Apple hadn't really brought much new to the table. The slightly larger display and sleeker design were welcome, but not groundbreaking enough for me to make the purchase. So I stuck with the 4S.

With Apple’s walled garden crippling my beloved Chrome browser, I have decided to take the plunge and go with Android, a platform which has improved dramatically over the past couple of years. Despite having used Windows Phone 8 for a small amount of time – courtesy Nokia Lumia 820 – but its lack of apps is something which has put me off, but, Android wins in this department.

The display size: I am not of the opinion that the iPhone’s display is too small, but the fact that the One’s screen is also around 30% sharper than the iPhone’s Retina display makes it really stand out.
Switching over to Android and stepping into uncharted territory is rather exciting. Had I decided to order an iPhone 5, upon delivery, it would probably have felt like I’d just received a new pair of socks; very nice – better than the last pair – but ultimately, no real-world differences from day-to-day.
Well this is just one point of view - I wish Ben had given something more about the hardware which One edges over iPhone. In any case, users do find Android based mobile phones better in ease of handling and operating rather than the complex Apple techs and apps. Android based apps and phone  provide much ease to users - and more apps as compared to iPhone specific apps only.

What do you say if you are an Apple lover and someone tries to convince you for a Android based phone like HTC One?

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