Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Download Updated Google Play Store v4.1.6 with new design changes

Good news!!

Google has updated the Play Store device client yet again to bring some subtle changes to the new design, which was introduced in v4.0. The new version is rolling out now and might take days to reach every Android user.

The old and new designs - can you locate the difference?

The updated version has all traces of the dark coloured Holo theme removed from the Play Store - which means you will no longer get the dark background in settings or menu items or even buttons.

Google has also changed the ‘My wishlist’ view from a list to a grid based cards design. It has also introduced a new interface for Google Play gift cards and added the recently spotted “App data sync” option, but it does not seem to be working right now.

The official roll out may take a while - but the APK file of the Google Play Store 4.1.6 (5.76MB) is already circulating around the web and you can download it using this link and install it like any other app.

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