Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 With 5 Inch Display Likely

Recently, the trend is having over sized displays on smartphone and the race seems to have engulfed all major smartphone manufacturers.

While it is almost official that Samsung is to introduce a 6-inch display in the second half of the year 2013, the BlackBerry also steps into the race and it is rumored that we may see a BB Z10 with 5 inch display soon.

It is reported by Uber Gizmo that the Z10 with 5-inch display is currently being tested by the company in Canada. It is said to replace the current Z10 as BlackBerry’s flagship high-end BB10 smartphone.

It is further speculated that the BB Z10 display proportions will be similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S4. If true, this would certainly mean that BlackBerry wants to present a challenge to the likes of S4 and HTC One, though only upping the display won’t be enough. These smartphones have a far better hardware package that the Z10′s dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM can’t match.

So it is being said that the new Z10 will not only have a bigger display and a bigger battery, it may also have a better processor such as the Snapdragon 600 or the currently unreleased Snapdragon 800 by Qualcomm. The device is reportedly going to be released in the next couple of months.

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