Monday, May 13, 2013

6-inch Samsung smartphone confirmed - But No flexible Display for Galaxy Note III

The latest news about future Samsung products is just out which mainly bring good news as far Samsung's future smartphone is concerned and the flexible display.

Well those who want a bigger smartphone - here it is: a complete 6-inch display smartphone which is about to see the daylight in second half of the 2013.

However, there are news about the display. Samsung will not use LCD  - instead it will use AMOLED for this panel! Which is good news for those AMOLED fans out there!

The expected 6.0” flagship device would be the Galaxy Note III. However, as for some earlier rumor regarding the flexible display of the Galaxy Note III, the news is that there wont be any flexible display.

In fact Samsung did try to use flexible display but sadly Samsung couldn't make it into mass production right on time.

Samsung Display plans to produce flexible AMOLED Panels at the A2 P3 line. This production line has a monthly capacity for such 24.000 sheets based on 5.5G. That is not enough capacity to make a flagship product with a flexible display like the Galaxy Note 3.

The same problem is for LG, Samsung’s biggest rival in display tech. The flexible display line of both companies has been delayed!

( via Oled-Display )
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