Friday, May 10, 2013

Beware!! Smartphones Robberies Getting violent Across US - and the World

We are in the habit of using our cellphones leisurely while walking along the road or in the market place without knowing that snatching one's cell phone is the easiest thing to do by robbers - and if the snatching is resisted, it can turn extremely violent.

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Although, snatching and robbing one of his/her smartphone is a rising trend all over the world, the cases registered in US alone are witnessing an uprising involving incidents of violence. Mostly the victims are females, who offer least resistance.

IDG News Service collected data on serious crimes in San Francisco from November to April and recorded 579 thefts of cellphones or tablets, accounting for 41 percent of all serious crime. Mostly  the only serious crimes reported in the daily police log were cellphone thefts.

And in over half the incidents, victims were punched, kicked or otherwise physically intimidated for their phones, and in a quarter of robberies, users were threatened with guns or knives.

An interactive map showing six months of cellphone and tablet thefts in San Francisco can be viewed here.

So what can you do to prevent a smartphone theft? Well you may not be able to prevent a theft, but you can instantly block your phone's usage by securing it with a password, screen lock and software that can remotely track or wipe a stolen handset.

( via Computer World )
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