Friday, May 10, 2013

Samsung Design Patent Point to New Curved Phone

Samsung has unfolded its curved screen awhile ago - but it did not mention when this design will see the light of the day.

Now it seems that the suspense days are seemingly over as on May 07, 2013, the US Patent and Trademark Office published more than 20 newly granted design patents for Samsung, reports Patent Bolt. Among this one smartphone design portrayed the realization of curved screen design.

[Photo: Patent Bolt]

One aspect of this next generation smartphone design is illustrated in our cover graphic. It clearly has a slight curve to the design that may in fact support a flex display.

The next granted design patent is clearly noted as a "mobile terminal" as the official patent title and at the bottom of the patent it's noted as a "mobile phone." We'll just call it a next generation smartphone that appears to have a slightly curved display.

( via Patent Bolt )
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