Friday, May 31, 2013

Apple 'Quietly' Launches New 4-inch 16GB iPod touch

Not known openly to many, but the fact is that Apple 'quietly' launched a new 4-inch 16GB iPod touch on Thursday.

The new Apple iPod is actually a new design when compared to the other iPod touch models, and it even loses one or two of their features in the process.

The new touch comes packaged – encased in a clear shell so that everyone can see the goods within. Once opened though it’s clear that this is not quite the same as other touches, thanks to that matte metal rear that instead of being all colorful, looks just like the metal used on Apple’s computers, comments Oliver Haslam of Redmond Pie. Think of the metal used for a MacBook and you won’t be too far off.

The launch comes despite rumors of Apple phasing out the iPod touch in the near future. 

via Redmond Pie
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