Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Would Apple's iOS 7 be visually different?

While there have been lot ot speculation about Apple's forthcoming iOS 7, a recent report says that iOS 7 will wear a very different look from its present and previous iterations.

C|net quoting 9to5Mac reports that Apple's making big changes in the look and feel of the software. Specifically making everything -- from app icons to interface features -- "very flat," as opposed to the bubbly and oftentimes realistic interfaces that have stayed mostly unchanged since 2007.

It is also reported that Apple is looking into additional ways to access basic information with gestures, similar to what it currently uses with a one-finger swipe to bring up Notification Center, and a four-finger swipe on the iPad to pull up the multitasking menu.

In taking a flat approach to its system software, Apple would join Microsoft and Google, which have gone that route with their Windows Phone and Android software. In both of those cases, the changes reflect part of a larger design language that can be found in other products and services.

The new iOS is expected to make its debut at Apple's WWDC on June 10. The show, which is typically attended by about thousands of developers.

( via C|net
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