Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Samsung likely to Revamp Galaxy Note 3 design after HTC One

It is learnt from a Samsung insider that Samsung is quite worried upon the saturation of its curved design that’s incorporated in lots of its smartphones and the build quality after seeing the success of HTC one.

The Galaxy S4 is a case in point. Although internally it has much to give it out to its users, its display and outlook is quite boring - in fact not much of change from S3.

Samsung thus seemed compelled not to repeat the Galaxy S4 design fiasco and is thinking of something new for its forthcoming Note 3.

The source claims that Samsung is going for a revamped Galaxy Note 3 which will be made some sort of metal, probably aluminium and will indeed be quite different in terms of design as opposed to Galaxy Note 2, S3 and S4. This refresh is expected to launch at this year’s IFA, at the end of August (just like last year).

That said, the insider's leaked news comes a breeze of fresh air for the would be buyers of Note 3 - lest Samsung is also labeled as manufacturer of boring designs just like Apple.

[via Chip Hazard]
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