Monday, April 1, 2013

After Malware - we now have Ransomware

Hackers are always coming up with something new to hack data by injecting malicious content like malware - we all know that.

But now we have Ransomware - as the name suggest a type of malware to 'kidnap' data. Ransomware encrypts some or all of the files on the victim’s computer, and the attacker then demands payment for the decryption key. Most Ransomware infiltrates a victim’s computer like any other virus — through infected programs, email attachments or malicious websites.

A variation to the Ransomware scheme locks infected computers and displays a banner informing victims that they've violated federal laws by visiting child pornography websites and must pay a fine to have their systems unlocked. Researchers call these "Police Trojans."

Depending upon the severity the attack, generally antivirus software has the necessary signatures to block most every known type of Ransomware  However, firewalls don’t always protect against infiltration, plus they cannot prevent you from opening email attachments.

When such an event occurs, you’ll need an antivirus solution to prevent any further damage. Simply running a scan of your system is oftentimes enough to identify the virus and remove it from the computer.

Read more about it at: Tech News
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