Monday, March 18, 2013

What about iPhone Rumors?

For the last many weeks there is nothing else on net except Samsung's Galaxy S4 rumors, gossips, speculations and then finally its launch and followed by comparisons and features boasting.

It seemes that there is no other phone except Galaxy S4 and everyone seems to have forgotten about iPhone.

Are there any rumors for iPhone? Well indeed there are some.

It is 'heard' that the Apple's next flagship is going to have a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button, for increased device security and perhaps Apple's launch into the payments space.

Chine Times, the source of this rumor reports:
Apple's next-generation iPhone 5S will be the first to import the built-in the touch IC core integrated touch display driver IC (TDDI), and for the first time to support wireless near field communication (NFC) fingerprint Chipbond exclusive to win TDDI seal measured , NFC sense of Fingerprint Sensor IC gold bumps large orders.
The the iPhone 5S outgoing will support NFC and fingerprint recognition, fingerprint is more security than passwords, fingerprints can not be copied and will not be stolen, most secure mobile payment device allows Apple iPhone 5S.

So if this happens in the next iPhone, it will be a huge plus point for Apple to score against Galaxy S4.

Don't think that that is it: here is another wild news:
Apple is said to release two new iPhone this summer, some time between July and August, one of them internal upgrade on the iPhone 5S, perhaps with a fingerprint sensor; and one of them a cheaper version of the iPhone 5, with several different color cases, especially aimed at China and India.

So these two 'news' are for all of us to devour on for the time being. We start to compile all these and see which one of these actually materialize when Apple launches something new or improving the iPhone 5 to 5S or whatever.

Read more about it at: | China TimesHuffington Post |


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