Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Waiting for 'iWhatever'

Everyone around the planet is waiting for iWhatever by Apple - but Apple secretive as always is bent upon delyaing the news what their forthcoming iWhatever is.

Tim Cook is perhaps planning a big surprise for all of us. While a majority thinks that it is going to be an iWatch, iGlass or much talked about iTV - I believe we are up for a big surprise.

We already have designers coming up with the projected designs of iWatch, but except for a leaked information that how it looks like when Apple applied for patenting a wrist worn device, nothing more is known about it. Unlike Samsung, which has already shown its cards for a flexible, folding device, Apple is keeping the secret tight.

Although, Apple's share are witnessing a downward trend, Apple is till the Most Admired Company as judged by Fortune for consecutive 6th year - at least in the USA. And keeping its secrets well guarded, Apple is playing hide and seek with its users as well as rivals to come up with iWhatever with a bang - just like the meteorite did over Russia recently.

May be iWahtever is neither an iWatch, iGlass or iTV - who knows!!

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