Friday, March 22, 2013

Samsung South Africa Apologizes for Swimsuit Dancers' Promotional Event

Samsung South Africa has apologized after a promotional event it held last week in Cape Town was criticized for being sexist. The company has said it will "be more sensitive" in the future.

The event, which featured young women in swimsuits dancing in front of a new line of refrigerators and washing machines, was called "tawdry marketing" by South African tech news site GirlGuides and excoriated in an open letter from South African tech journalist Samantha Perry.

The communications head of Samsung South Africa, Michelle Potgieter, issued a statement Wednesday morning apologizing for causing offense and promising to be more sensitive in the future:

It has come to our attention that, following recent Samsung events, there was dissatisfaction by the use of the selected promotional/entertainment ladies to unveil and demonstrate the new line up of product/s.
Samsung South Africa are committed to embracing a variety of consumers across our very diverse local market and in no way intended to isolate or offend any one of these audiences through these events.
As a result, we would like to apologize for any offence caused in this regard and assure you that we acknowledge your views and opinions on the matter.

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