Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amazing USB battery charger that takes 15 minutes for full iPhone charge

Battery charging of mobile phones really takes long and when pushed for time, one has to connect and reconnect one's mobile phone on every stop several time during a day when on move.

But now here is an a amazing mobile USB batter charger that can do the trick in just 15 minutes.

This very handy and light weight batter charger called “Voltissimo” by  Buffalo recharges smart devices very quickly - and in a jiffy.

Voltissimo comes in two models with different battery capacities: One with 8,000mAH that can fully recharge an iPhone four times on a full charge and the other one with 4,000mAH that can fully recharge an iPhone two times on a full charge.

Voltissimo accommodates iPad, Android smart phones and all smart phones sold through March 2013. Digital cameras and game devices, PCs or any device linkable through a USB port can be charged.

Voltissimo has 2 output terminals that enable charging up to 2 devices at the same time.

8,000mAH type
Price: 22,260 yen (including tax)
Color: black (BSMPB0180BK) and white (BSMPB0180WH)
Size: 135×72×25mm
Weight: 293 g
Unit recharge time: 94 minutes

4,000mAH type
Price: 18,060 yen (including tax)
Color: black (BSMPB0140BK) and white (BSMPB0140WH)
Size: 95×72×25mm
Weight: 183 g
Unit recharge time: 47 minutes

via Akihabara News
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