Friday, March 1, 2013

Facebook to launch new look for its News Feed

'Come see a new look for News Feed,' says Facebook in an invitation sent to the press for a March 7 event in which the social media giant is all set to show the new News Feed feature to the press.

However, Facebook did not give any more clue other than that something new is to surface, to keep the surprise.

The site's last big makeover came in January when Facebook unveiled Graph Search, a tool designed to help users search for information on the site. Not a stand-alone search engine like Google Search or Microsoft Bing, Facebook's new search feature is focused on culling data from users' friends and friends of friends.

It may be added that not all Facebook redesigns have been well-received but its users. For example, Facebook launched a redesign that coincided with its sixth anniversary in 2010. Comments about that redesign ranged from "New look is AWFUL!!!" to "Once more Facebook makes changes that don't work without doing proper testing."

So let us wait for March 7 and see what Facebook has new for its users in store.


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