Friday, March 1, 2013

Apple's award in Samsung trial slashed to $598 million from over $1 billion

Apple was given a big blow by the judge hearing the Apple's law suit against Samsung over the patent issues, when the judge slashed the damages awarded to Cupertino down to $598,908,892 from over $ 1 billion.

The judge also ordered a new trial to determine the remaining balance.

In an order issued on 1st March, Judge Lucy Koh stated that "the Court identified an impermissible legal theory on which the jury based its award," and as such was reducing the original $1.049 billion awarded to Apple in the trial's August verdict. Koh ordered that a new trial take place to determine new damages for the amount she cut — $450,514,650, to be precise — but said that she encouraged both sides to go through the appeals process before proceeding straight to a new trial.

Koh found two main errors in the way the jury calculated the damages awarded to Apple:
  • They used Samsung's profits to determine the amount the company owed for infringing some of Apple's utility patents — a practice only appropriate when calculating damages owed when design patents have been infringed. 
  • They also erred when calculating the time period Apple should be awarded damages for. 
Koh explains that Apple was only due damages for product sales that occurred after Cupertino informed Samsung of its belief that the violations were taking place.
Read more about it at: Verge


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