Friday, March 1, 2013

Plastic iPhone is next - in Next Year [Rumor]

The race between Apple and samsung is not to end.

While this year, Samsung has shown its intentions of a flexible smartphone that can even be worn on a wrist just like a wrist watch or bent anyway, how could Apple stay behind!!

The rumors are that Apple is coming up with something similar, though not flexible, but made of plastic. The next plastic iPhone is going to be bigger, thicker and cheaper. The new device however may not be hitting the market till next year, though.

The rumors comes from Japanese Apple-news site Macotakara that says such a device is slated for next year, and will use plastic instead of aluminum for its body.

Macotakara says the device will sport a poly-carbonate plastic enclosure much like the one found on the MacBook and iBook before it. Other rumored details include a 4.5-inch screen, which would be half an inch larger than the one found on the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch; Apple's usual home button; and a $330 price tag that would be a little less than half of the average selling price of the iPhone 5 (without carrier subsidy).

As MacRumors notes, Macotakara has had a mixed rumor scorecard, but it had accurate information about Apple's latest batch of iPods, some two months before they were officially unveiled.

Well if this is going to be so, then bigger, cheaper and plastic is palatable - but why THICKER? The users would like something that is SLIMMER - and that is what the trend is these days. Why Apple would go for a thicker plastic phone is not understood - at least as for now.

Let us wait more on plastic iPhone from Apple.

Read more about it at: C|net


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