Saturday, February 2, 2013

Robots to build hutments for the mankind on the moon using lunar soil

The moon landing in 1969 was watched live by many of us who are now with grey hair. Some even doubt the landing and many studies and analyses have appeared trying to prove that the moon landing was in fact a hoax.

Well anything is possible as man can be fooled by use of technology and tricks that can present something that looks real.

But now technology that has progressed much ahead than it was almost a decade ago and it may be possible that man may one day go and actually live on the lunar surface.

The European Space Agency has recently unveiled plans for man's first 'habitable' moon base to be built by robots using the lunar soil.

The basis of this plan has been made possible due to the 3D printing techniques, which will be used to transform raw lunar soil into livable domes for the man to live on moon. Autonomous robots will be used to 3D print a cellular structure to house four people, and can offer protection from meteorites, gamma radiation and vast temperature fluctuations.

However, it may take up to forty years for such plans to be actually realized.

Read more about it at: Mail Online


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