Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Launch Date and Venue of Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked

The guessing and predicting events is one of the biggest hobby of people around the world - specially when it comes to hot cakes like smartphone and other tech gadgets eagerly waited upon by the users.

Unlike release of many other smartphones, it is the Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 13 mega pixel camera that is being desperately waited upon by Samsung users and even Apple to see what Samsung has been hiding up its sleeve since release of S3.

Now here is the news, as leaked by  Mobile-Review and backed by The Verge - the most anticipated smartphone of the year is set to be launched on 14th March at New York city.

But there is still a catch and surprise in the leaked news: no name of the device has been mentioned.

However, since it is the most anticipated smartphone of the year, one can safely assume that the gadget is nothing but the Samsung flagship of the year - Galaxy S4.

It may be added that just like last year, this year’s Samsung flagship smartphone’s design is again a mystery. While nothing has been officially acknowledged at this point of time, the rumors suggests that Galaxy S4 will be equipped with the powerful Exynos Octa SOC, 13MP camera, 5″ 1080p display, floating gestures, eye scrolling and much more.

So we wait on till March the 14th and see what is in the store at New York.

Read more about it at: Chip Hazard
Photo: TalkAndroid


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