Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Recover a compromised Social Media Account

Yesterday, a friend complained that his social media account on Facebook has been compromised and asked me what to do.

Well I really did not know the answer and tried to give it a try by searching the net and I came across a post at BloggedDown where a few steps have been listed should someone's social media account is compromised.

Here in under are five simple steps you should take whenever you encounter a compromised social media account:

Always consult the source

Limit Access to new Account
Remove unnecessary posts
Caution for smartphone usersSocial network accounts are quite vulnerable when accessed through the cell phones. Accounts are hacked by injecting cell phone spy software through the internet. Smartphone users can also apply aforementioned four steps while logging in to their social network accounts from their Android phones or iPhones.
... and last but not the least
Clean up with an Anti-Virus Software 
The steps are all self explanatory - however, those seeking details may read the complete post here.

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