Friday, February 1, 2013

iPhone case to hold coffee while you text message with both hands

What do you do when drinking a hot glass of coffee you need to send an urgent text message - and there is no place to keep the coffee?

Ever tried - texting while holding the glass with your teeth?

Well there are people out there thinking of innovations and easing out people when confronted with such silly situations.

We now have 'UpperCup, the device allows on-the-go Apple addicts to text while precariously balancing a cup of hot liquid inches from their expensive phone.

It is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based design firm Natwerk, which hopes to raise £15,000 so they can get the holder into production with a retail-price of £21.

Investors who put in £15 for the iPhone 4 and £18 for the iPhone 5 now at, will receive the Uppercup when in production, hopefully by April this year.

Watch demonstration video of the UpperCup:


I just bought this iPhone case as well. This is a good way to keep your coffee cup on the table and work in the office as well when you are likely to spill the cup if it is on the table right beside your arm.



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