Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are you Social Media Addict?

Social Media components like Facebook and Twitter have becomes so close to us and have become part of our daily lives that some of us do not find them as ease unless they go on air on various Social Media sites and 'check' what is the latest.

Does it happen to you frequently?

If so, and that is the case of many Social Media lover, that doctors are finding ways how to treat the Social Media Addicts.

In fact the Social Media sites and our appearance on these are such a common phenomenon that we don't feel being addicted as we find frequent appearance or seeing what's up on our favourite Social Media, that we do not fee that in fact we are becoming addict to Facebook, Twitter or other less popular Social Media channels.

In fact, a at the University of Chicago equates Social Media 'addiction' to that of smoking cigarettes or or drinking alcohol, because Social Media have a profound impact on emotions.

I have often found many who would talk nothing but about Social Media. And I have even observed that those who frequent on Social Media and spends hours on these channels find those out of place who do not like or spend 'much' time on the Facebook or Twitter.

In my case, my computer which generally remains switched on most part of the day, and my browser which is active with many other sites/my blogs also has my associated Facebook and Twitter links on. What irks me is that whenever I want to 'check' what is latest on Facebook, I find a lot of my contacts wanting to chat with me. In one peculiar case, when I told one potential chatter that I do not come here to chat, I was shown full annoyance to the extent that why did I add their name if I was not interested in chatting?

Well that was bothering and then I realized that that Facebook has in fact become a replacement for Messenger and other chatting utilities and many users come here to chat rather than knowing what is happening around or in search of knowledge others are spreading.

I have seen people watching movies, yet glued on to their cell phones chatting and texting - I wonder why do they go to movies then.

As per one psychiatrist, the Social Media addicts start to ignore friends, family or even food and even sacrifice their sleep at the cost of be there on their favourite Social Media channel.

Mostly, youngsters spend 8-12 hours on Social Media and surprisingly even older people too are addicts here.

Are you too?

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