Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apple has no limits - says Tim Cook

Apple has always something up its sleeve for which others keep guessing. And this is an open secret now as the Apple CEO himself says it publicly.

Tim Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs, says: Don't tell Apple it can't do something.

"It's because of that that Apple's been able to do so many things for so many years, and do things that people didn't know they wanted and now can't live without," Cook said. "We don't think of the world with limits."

Even with that view, Apple has faced questions from Wall Street about whether it can restart some of the massive growth it pulled off from the iPhone and iPad in recent years, as well as maintain its tidy profit.

The company has also come under pressure from investors to share a little of that profit back with shareholders, including a lawsuit last week by Greenlight Capital calling on the company to change how it handles preferred stock ahead of its annual shareholders meeting later this month.

"I think it's a silly sideshow honestly," Cook told Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shoppe at the company's annual Technology and Internet Conference. "And my preference would be that everyone on both sides of the issue would take the money they're spending on this and donate it to a worthy cause. That would be a lot better use of funds."

via C|net


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