Saturday, December 15, 2012

Washington Post moves Social Reader from Facebook

While the Facebook has become 'the' social media network and everyone seems turning to it for everything one can think, Washington Post has decided to move away from it.

Instead, the Washington Post Company has decided to move its Social Reader app, which displays stories from Washington Post Co. publications and 90 other news organizations from Facebook to a standalone site at, the company told Mashable Friday.

So if you have been following Washington Post on Facebook and still try to find it on Facebook app, you will be relocated to

--> And it is not only the WP, but alos many other leading newspapers like the Guardian which also announced Thursday that  it would no longer display articles in its Facebook app; instead, it would redirect readers to its website after clicking on a headline in the app.

The new Washington Post Reader includes tools that gives readers greater privacy control: Specifically, users no longer need to log in to Facebook to use the app, and those who do log in can control whether their friends can see their reading history. 

Read more about it at: Mashable

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Image courtesy of The Washington Post Company 


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