Saturday, December 15, 2012

Leaked BlackBerry Handset Photos Appear similar to iPhone 5

Apple is already at loggershead with Samsung over patent warfare - and it seems RIM's new BlackBerry is going to be another test case for the Apple's lawyers.

The recently released photos of the RIM's first handset that will run BlackBerry 10 and is due early 2013, look quite similar to Apple's iPhone 5.

The 18 photos that have managed to reach Vietnam and are on display at on, if believed to be that of L-Series, code named BlackBerry London, then it is almost another iPhone with a different name and a ripe recipe for a new patent warfare of Apple with RIM.


Mashable reports:

"The BlackBerry-branded device in the photos has a rectangular touchscreen with a black bezel along the top and bottom of it, a la the iPhone 5. In the photos, the device is powered off, so we don't get a peek at the OS, but you can see BlackBerry 10 running on a different touchscreen device."

Read more about it at / view slide show: Mashable

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