Sunday, December 2, 2012

Top 10 Tech This Week

While we heard of the Ceramic Bowl Purifies Water Without Chemicals, flexible smartphones, Samsung's 85" ultra HD TV and Small Dragonfly Drone on Indiegogo last week, the week that has just ended brought to fore some of the most exciting and cutting-edge gadgets and innovations that caught attention of the gadget and tech geeks.

Top 10 Tech This Week

There have been many tech-things that would continue to be talked about in days to come. Dor instance the astounding Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is poised to change the market of point-and-shoot cameras forever. Likewise there was a small gadget that flashes out a virtual keyboard for the smartphones and laptops, we talked about earlier in our posts.

Mashable has listed down the Top of the chart cutting edge tech things that are not only amazing but worth trying. Here is the listing:

  • Retina Implant Instantly Turns Text Into Braille
  • Siri Coming to Chevrolet Cars in Early 2013
  • Samsung Galaxy Camera Is a Game Changer
  • Pocket-Sized Virtual Keyboard Projects Onto Any Surface
  • Smart Sock Alerts Parents if Baby Stops Breathing
  • Hands-On With the World-Changing $40 Tablet
  • Living With Lumia: The Final Verdict on Windows Phone 8
  • IEEE’s Robot iPad App is Robot Heaven
  • Does This New Electric Bike Get Your Wheels Turning?
  • Augmented Light Bulb Turns Desk Into a Touchscreen

For details on each, view the slide show at Mashable and see how wonders are being created based on the tech that is not of today - but of the future.

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