Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laser Projected Keyboard for Smartphones and Laptops

While it is easier to write small messages on your smartphones to send SMS to friends - but what do you do if the text message is a little longer or your smartphone keypad is to small to write smoothly and without hitting the adjacent keys?

The simple answer is take a folding key pad - but that carries space in your travelling luggage and is not really handy to carry when travelling.

While the voice detectable input devices will take long to be practical - there is something you must try. Rather it is the easiest, cheapest and most practical answer to address your problem: Try a full sized ultra-portable virtual keyboard.

The innovative virtual keyboard from Brookstone, priced at $99, is imminently pocketable. Connecting to a laptop or smartphone via either Bluetooth or USB, this little wonder works by projecting a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface, with users tapping away as if there was a real hardware keyboard in its place.

Although it is yet to make a mark in the market as it is not freely available as yet, it is going to become very hot in days to come and smartphone users will not be able to resist it as an add on feature and of great utility value.

Read more about it at: Redmond Pie

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