Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lobster Like iPhone case for you

What is the wisdom behind it, but now you may have a life size Lobster iPhone case that would 'help' you stand out from the crowd.

Would you?

May be this new innovation of using a lobster size iPhone case portray you as a funloving person rather than a serious looking businessman.

Designed by Melbourne-based designer Elliot Gorham of Noddy Boffin, the red Lobster Mobile Telephone Case pays homage to Salvador Dali's lobster telephone model created in 1938.

But there is one catch here: the lobster case does not offer you any functionality - rather it would become too difficult to pocket your iPhone as it is not only too big, but also oddly shaped to slip into your pocket.


So would you go for it really - and possibly embarrased in the crowd looking obviously quite awkward or ignore everything and be a fun loving 'differnat' person.

Choice is yours.

Don't skip to watch the video below about this strange iPhone case belwo:

via Mashable

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