Monday, December 24, 2012

Chrome 25 blocks sneaky add-ons

In what is called Google mimicking a move made by Mozilla Firefox a year ago, the Chrome 25,presently in development stage,  automatically block browsers add-ons installed on the sly by other software.

Auto-blocking has already appeared in Chrome 25 for Windows on the "dev" channel,  Google's least-polished public version' which debuted last month. By the browser's semi-regular release schedule, Chrome 25 will reach the final "stable" channel, and thus the bulk of users, in the second half of February 2013, reports Computer World.


According to Peter Ludwig, a Chrome product manager, Chrome 25 will automatically disable any browser extensions silently installed by other software. Extensions previously installed by third-party software will also be barred from running.

Chrome users can switch on such extensions manually, or remove them from the browser and their PC.

Read more about it at: Computer World

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