Monday, December 3, 2012

Is Apple assembling iMac in the USA?

Apple has traditionally been depending on its Asian vendors to produce parts for its various gadgets, Samsung being the leading giants with whom Apple has been otherwise at loggershead.

But a recent 'discovery from a label it has come to fore something that is departure from apple's previous policy - assembling parts in the US!!

It has been reported that a particular 21.5-inch iMac has a label on it saying “Assembled in USA”. 

But there is something wired about the label. “Assembled in USA”  wasn't etched in the actual machine’s aluminum leading people to believe that the iMacs that were shipped were “refurbished in the USA”. However, some were actually assembled and sold new with the “Assembled in USA” label (below – 27-inch iMac, previous gen).

What ever the mystery behind the label, Apple is NOW shipping new iMacs “Assembled in USA”.  PED at Fortune found one. Jay Yarrow at BI found one too. This isn’t an isolated incident.  We’ve also heard that other new iMacs say “Assembled in China” as you’d expect.

Read more about it at: 9TO5Mac

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