Monday, December 3, 2012

Do you know what happens to your Smartphone - when you toss it away in the trash?

Smartphones have a very short life and companionship. One either gets it exchanged a year after it is purchased or else throws it away into the garbage if under use for 2-3 years.

And it is from the garbage rises your smartphone and you never know you may find it placed on a shelf of second hand or refurbished mobile phones market. Yes that is exactly what happens to a majority of smartphones. These are refurbished and polished and just like a reconditioned car from Japan attracts buyers who are too happy to buy a far cheaper smartphone in excellent condition.

The journey of thrown-away mobile phones which were once manufactured in the state of the art factories begins after these are retrieved to dimly lit garages in backyards or in the downtown underworld where experts with few screw drivers, spare parts and soldering equipment take away the ailing parts and replace these with worlkable parts form similart moibiles or new ones and then send these back to the marker for re-sell.

And mind you this is a thriving business that flourishes in almost every country so that smartphone lovers who cannot afford to buy the new phone are able to buy the same flashy smartphone at extremely bargaining prices.


But should we throw away our electronic gadgets just like the trash of out house?

Well not really - in fact environmentalists caution against mishandling and carefree disposal of electronic gadgets as various chemicals contained in the thrown away gadgets, specially in the batteries like nickel, cadmium, mercury, and lead leaks poisons into the earth which may take decades to decompose. One of the main chemical contained in batteries is lithium which  can harm the nervous system and vital organs, according to the Basel Action Network (BAN,) a Seattle-based non-profit organization. Other chemicals like nickel, cadmium, and silver have also been linked to organ damage.

So before you throw away your smartphone or even any other electronic gadget, make sure you dispose these off properly to a second hand seller who would better know how to strip of each part and sell these to 'concerned' people who can reuse these, rather than throwing in the garbage which is hazardous for human life and environment as a whole.

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