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How To Remove Bloatware From Android Devices

The Bloatware are software and applications that come with a smartphone ready to be used. Many a user find these applications useful and enjoy using these. But the serious users find these heavy on memory and resources because mostly the Bloatware applications are free versions of many apps, that someday ask you to buy the same or else these stop functioning.

Additionally, the Bloarware aslo slow down your android deevices as these consume aprt of the gadegt memory which serious users seldom like.

So what to do?

Redmond Pie has given a detailed step by step solution to remove these Bloatware applications.

One option might be to use an app like root uninstaller, but that has a catch; your device needs to be rooted first. If there’s no root available, or if you don’t want to go down that road, you’re pretty much out of luck there, too. For such cases, and the ease of many others, XDA member broadways has come up with a recovery-flashable ZIP that can remove any APK that you want from the system/app partition. What’s so special, you may ask? The mod works with stock recovery, without requiring root!

The ZIP file that you will use for this purpose was originally written for Samsung Galaxy Y, and for that reason, will work out-of-the-box only for stock ROMs of that phone. For all others, you will want to follow the steps highlighted below to tailor the ZIP according to your needs.

Before we begin, do remember that the system/app partition on Android houses all the critical components of your device, that are required for it to function properly. Before you decide to remove anything, make sure you know what you’re doing.

The process can be divided into two steps, for the sake of ease: Modifying the Update Script and Using to delete useless system apps.


Modifying the Update Script

Step 1: Download the file from the source link below, and place it at a convenient location on your computer. Do not unzip the file.

Step 2: Open the file with an archiving tool, like 7Zip or WinRAR. Within the archive, go to META-INF/com/google/android/

Step 3: Extract the file named “updater-script” to your system (only this file, and nothing else), and open it for editing with a text editor (I recommend Notepad++).

Step 4: The second block of commands contains a list of all the APKs that will be removed upon running the script. Simply modify this list to your liking and need, and save the file again using Notepad++.

Step 5: Put the file back in the archive, replacing the copy that’s already there. That’s it; you’re done tailoring the script to your need.

Using to delete useless system apps

This is fairly standard. Place the ZIP file at the root of your device’s internal memory/SD card, and reboot the device in recovery. In stock recovery (or even in custom one), select “apply ZIP from SD card” and pick the file. Let the script run, and then reboot. That’s it – bloatware system apps have been deleted!

For more details, discussion and downloads, head on to the source link below.

(Source: XDA Developers forum thread)

via Redmond Pie [All screen shots are courtesy Redmond Pie]

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