Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Windows 8 gets little love from analysts

The launch of a new Microsoft operating system rarely, if ever, goes smoothly. But Windows 8 is having an especially bumpy takeoff, as it seems to have pummeled by the analysts, who cited it as a major factor in tepid PC growth, reports Brooke Crothers at the C|net.

Here in under are some of the woes recorded from the market:


The first reason Deutsche Bank listed today for cutting its PC estimates this quarter was a "lackluster initial uptake of Windows 8," in a research note from analyst Chris Whitmore.
And Topeka Capital Markets chimed in, saying Windows 8 orders have been weak.
"Much lower than...PC makers originally expected a few months ago," according to Topeka analyst Brian White.
Computerworld, which has tracked usage patterns of Windows 8 in the months leading up to, and including, the launch, found that the new operating system "is being run by less than a fifth as many people as ran Windows 7 in the same months before its debut."
Well these are some of the corporate world woes - what about you? 
[via C|net]

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