Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HTC paying Apple an “outrageous” $8 per phone

Well it finally is an open secret - the Apple-HTC deal requires of HTC to pay $8 per phone - and God knows how many million apple phones are there in the world. 

To be specific, Neil Hughes at AppleInsider writes:

"HTC is expected to give Apple a net licensing fee of as much as $8 per phone, and may also serve as a blueprint for future deals with Samsung and Motorola."

Neil Hughe cited analysts who spoke with "industry sources" who said the Apple-HTC deal will result in a net licensing fee of between $6 and $8. That's compared to press reports that HTC is paying Microsoft $5 per phone.

And what about effects of this deal? Well , not long ago, HTC was a high-flying smartphone company, but today it has dramatically lost market share, especially to Samsung. 

Read more about it at: ars technica

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