Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Black Friday smartphone deals not so hot anymore?

There were days when the Black Friday sales used to be enormous and people and consumers would look up for the day to make their bargains. But Roger Cheng at C|net say that consumers are not really saving much when they go for Smartphone savings this year.

Well may be the deals are generally for older moderls consumers not interested in. Cheng reports that as with many Black Friday and Cyber Monday "deals," a majority of the items on sale are outdated models, less-than-desirable devices, or just products that the carriers and retailers are looking to unload. 

This means in simple words "Don't let the Black Friday fever blind you from a deal that's not really a deal."


It is reported that AT&T is trying to get rid of phones such as the HTC Vivid for 99 cents; Sprint is dumping the Galaxy Victory for free; and Verizon is offering the original Droid Razr -- its hit phone from a year ago -- also as a giveaway. The Lumia 900, which has been rendered nearly useless with the release of the newer and incompatible Windows Phone 8 devices (including the Lumia 920), is another bad deal.

Read more about it at: C|net

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