Sunday, November 18, 2012

Next Gen 4.9″ 1080p Super AMOLED Display To Be Unveiled By Samsung at CES

After another rigorous series of long fought battles between Tech giants to gain smartphone supremacy, this year has nearly come to an end. Just like this year, leading smartphone manufacturers are readying their arsenal to get down the battlefield next year starting with CES and MWC events.

While there has been utter silence regarding mobile company’s plans for next year till now, the Korean tech giant Samsung has been in the spotlight for some time now with rumours floating around it developing a stunning 1080p display.

Once again the rumour has been up-lifted as according to the Korean website Asiae, Samsung is going to show off a 4.99 inch AMOLED panel that pushes 1920 x 1280 pixels (441 ppi) at this upcoming CES. They also say that this screen will be inside the Galaxy S IV which will release sometime next year.


The first phones to use a 5″ 1080p display are already available in some markets, but they rely on LCDs. The new display from Samsung will be based on the revolutionary AMOLED standard which will supposedly go into production in Q1 of next year. This would be just in time for a Q2 launch (since all three Galaxy S flagships launched in Q2).

Considering the fact that most of the global smartphone players have stepped up their game by featuring 1080p displays already, for standing toe to toe with its competition Samsung will most definitely barge in the 1080p market next year as well. We’re very excited what the tech giants will come up with in the mega CES event that’s just less than two months away.

[ via Chip Hazard ]

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