Friday, November 23, 2012

Five reasons for CEOs to be Social

CEOs are special people - they have to make decisions to run their organizations and remain competitive in the market. 

They can only do so if they are moving, knowing, finding, asking, looking, .... and social. Unless they are social, they cannot succeed because it is the degree of their sociability that makes them make contacts and people more.

Did you ever try to know:


Why Richard Branson Always Makes Time for Social Media
Why Evernote Bet the Company on Mobile & Social Media
How Jetsetter’s CEO Keeps the Travel Conversation Flowing With Social Media
How’s CEO Uses Social Media to Spark a Dialogue of Change
How Social Media Helped Kate Spade Become a Global Brand 
Well to be honest, I didn't know either till I read the post at Mashable - do read the post in full including the special Infographic's view of a future CEO - it will make you more social and competitive in business as a consequence.  

Read more about it at: Mashable
[ via Management Matters ]

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