Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Busiest Thanksgiving Ever: 226 Instagram Photos per SECOND

What do you think people were just eating turkeys on Thanksgiving Day?

Well yes they were and enjoying the day with friends and families. But at the same time, they were uploading their Instagram photos at a cyclic rate - just like a machine gun fires enormous number of bullets in a given time.

As for Instagram photos, these were being added @226 per second as reported by Mashable.

Photo courtesy of Mashable’s Chris Taylor

In a blog post Friday morning, Instagram said that more than 10 million photos mentioning “Thanksgiving” and other related terms were shared to the network on Thursday. At peak times, more than 200 photos about Thanksgiving were posted per second.


Instagram said Thursday was its busiest day to date. More than twice as many photos were shared on that day compared to the day previous.

That breaks the previous record set by Hurricane Sandy. More than 1.3 million Instagram photos were captioned with the hashtags #sandy, #hurricanesandy and #frankenstorm the day the storm made landfall on the east coast, peaking at 10 photo uploads per second.

[ via Mashable ]

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