Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apple pays $21M for Swiss clock design for iOS 6

Finding out designs for various apps may be easy - but if ti comes to a design which is not only historic but is also WW-II vintage, one has to pay a big amount - a really big amount.

Apple's iOS 6 clock and an official SBB watch from Mondaine.(Credit: Apple/Mondaine)

And this is what exactly Apple did for its iOS 6 clock design. It is reported by French news agency AFP, citing a Swiss paper, that Apple has paid $21 million for the Swiss Clock which is installed on the building of the Swiss Federal Railway Service.

Initially, the Swiss railway service, known as SBB, objected to the clock-face design in iOS 6, saying it too closely resembled a trademarked design created in 1944 by SBB employee Hans Hilfiker and used in train stations throughout Switzerland.


However, later SBB reached a licensing agreement with Apple in October, but at the time, an SBB representative said the amount of the licensing fee and other details of the deal would remain confidential.

Hilfiker's design has been honored by both the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the London Design Museum and has become a symbol of Swiss punctuality, according to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs' swissworld site. It's also licensed to Mondaine, a Swiss watch manufacturer.

[via C|net]


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