Saturday, November 10, 2012

Apple ordered to pay Samsung’s Legal Expenses

Although Apple and Samsung have many corporate collaborations with Samsung supplying hardware support to Apple, yet both have been in and out of courts on legal issues - mostly initiated by Apple, which always feels threatened by Samsung's popularity and dominance of the market.

Photo: i2mag

Despite many court decisions for and against each company, the battle is never ending. In a previous court encounter in UK, Apple was asked to to place apologies on its website after accusing Samsung of copying its hardware.

Oliver Haslam at Redmond Pie is of the opinion that although, the written apology order embarrassed Apple, yet someone at Apple thought it was a good idea to be a little contrite about the written apology, doing their best to cause confusion by referencing a completely separate case based in the United States which went in Apple’s favor.


But Apple's strtaegy hasn’t met with approval in the UK courts, with Apple having already been ordered to re-write the apology, it is now being told to pay up too. In fact, Apple has now been ordered to pay Samsung’s legal fees in full.

The latest UK court order further embarrasses Apple in its undue battle against Samsung - but would it stop Apple from suing Samsung again on some other patent issues? You may well know the answer.


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