Saturday, March 28, 2020

Google pledges $800 million to coronavirus relief

It has been reported that Google committing more than $800 million to help small businesses dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The aid will come in cash and advertising credits for the search giant's platforms. 

Reporting Google's decision that was announced Friday, CNET adds quoting Google CEO that $800+ million commitment is to support small- and medium-sized businesses, health organizations and governments, and health workers on the front line of this global pandemic.

It is added that The biggest chunk of the package will be in the form of $340 million in ad credits for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

Google also said it's working with one of its supply chain partners to ramp up production of 2 to 3 million face masks for the CDC Foundation, which supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's critical health protection work.


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