Tuesday, February 5, 2019

World's First Portable Microscope

Microscope has been one of the biggest invention that has made medical science prosper and treatment possible by examining blood and other samples. However, these professional gadgets have been confined to laboratories requiring trained staff to handle and interpret the results.

Now here are good news, even for armature photographers who can now zoom on to objects otherwise invisible to naked or camera eyes with 1000x zoom capability. Here comes the portable Microscope - the World's first that can allow ordinary photographers to look real close to the micro insects and plant anatomy. 

The gadget can be attached to the smartphone and is instantly available to view an object right inn the field in its living state.

Just view the video below and get to know how this portable microscope works:
I am already considering buying it when it is available at an "affordable price" - are you planning too?

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