Friday, October 6, 2017

Seagate announces High End HDDs with 12 TB Capacity

The storage requirements of users are never ending. I remember when I bought my first computer back in 1994, it had a hard drive of 20 MB only - but at that time I felt elvated to have this big HDD.

But now times have changed. From MBs to GBs and now from a couple of TBs, we are sky rocketing to storage capacities as big as 12 TBs. Yes, Seagate, one of the leading HDD manufacturers has recently unveiled a wide range of high end HDD with capacity up to 12 TBs.

The three 12 TB HDDs unveiled by Seagate and their price ranges are:
  • IronWolf Standard: $390 
  • IronWolf Pro: $440 
  • BarraCuda Pro: $430 

Some of the specifications of the top of the line BarraCuda Pro HDD are as under:
  1. 7200 RPM
  2. Large onboard cache (256MB)
  3. BarraCuda Pro 12TB draws only 7.8W, making it one of the lowest-power 3.5-inch drives on the market
  4. SATA 6Gb/s interface
  5. Up to 250MB/s maximum sustained transfer rate
  6. 5-year warranty
  7. 2 years of data recovery included (Seagate Rescue)
  8. Capacities available: 12 TB, 10 TB, 8 TB, 6 TB, 4 TB, 2 TB
So feel rich and store as much as you like - but what is beyond TBs and when?


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