Saturday, April 29, 2017

Samsung Galaxy 8 comes packed with bugs and malfunctions

Samsung, the arch rival to American Apple company, manufacturer of i Phones, has its end started to dawn with failure after failure of its flagship Galaxy series.

The 2017 Galaxy flagship S8/S8+ have seen after marketing have started to show the poor craftsmanship of Samsung, bringing out one fault after the other and this is really nuisance and worrisome of large community of Samsung users.

The latest bug that is being reported is the involuntary startup of the S8 without users' intent to do so.

This new bug comes after the reddish tint was observed in Galaxy S8/S9+. Experts believe that involuntary startup is due to the presence of the SD card and its removal may ease the issue. But it SD card is removed, what about its storage space that will be considerably reduced?


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