Monday, January 18, 2016

Stylograph - the smart pen that remembers everything you write or draw

Technology is making our life easier every day that passes by. We have had pads which were connected to our computers and whatever we wrote, was automatically converted into a word processor. That was some time ago and not much in use.

Now we have a smartpen that remembers everything we write and then can transfer data to our smartphones or computers without any hassle.

Here is Stylograph: the pen of future that would remember what you write or draw and then remembers it. Amazing  - isn't it?

It is a ballpoint pen, made of copper and is powered by a battery and synchronised with your phone using bluetooth. A hi-tech chamber inside the pen captures drawings or even notes at 120 frames per second and through an app send the same in real time to your phone.

Watch the video below:

This pen sends everything you write on paper to your phone
This pen remembers everything you write on paper and sends it to your phone.
Posted by Tech Insider on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Available for $30, this is the pen for you!!

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This pen sounds so cool. I’d love to try it out, although I wonder how much data it could store. I’m glad that this pen is being sold at an affordable price.

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