Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rumors Apple iPhone 7 - Apple may drop headphone jack from iPhone 7

Apple always draws lot of rumors ahead of its flagship iPhone launch every time. Now it is the turn for many rumors regarding the forthcoming Apple iPhone 7.

We have already shared many such rumors and speculations in the previous posts - here is the new one: It is rumored that Apple might drop the 3.5mm headphone jack in an effort to build a thinner iPhone.

Now what is the motive behind the move? A thinner phone only that would rob the headphone industry something like $8 billion? What would the users do - go for a wireless headphone, Apple would say.

Now you just dont carry the wireless headphone always - women may do so keeping the phones in their bags - but would the men do? Or would the Apple replace the jack with a multi-purpose USB-C port? If you notice a comparison in the photo above, you would find that USB-C port is 2.5 mm high, exactly a millimeter thinner than the standard audio jack.

Well we keep our fingers crossed and see what Apple has up its sleeve with regard to the headphone jack.

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