Monday, July 27, 2015

Floating Car - Ideas that change the future


Yes ideas, born into some innovative and creative minds that have always changed the world. Man wanted to fly and fly he did one day when a 12-seconds flight at Kitty Hawk USA changed the world and the aircraft was born.

Man has always wanted to swim across oceans and from raw boats to big cruisers the man now wades through mighty waves of the oceans.

But the dreams of men are never ending - now someone wants to take his car right into the sea and enjoy a car-boat ride in his own car. This what this post is all about.

I saw this video shared at Facebook and thought of sharing here in my blog for those who think new inventions are impossible as we have reached the zenith of technology. 

Have we?

Well not to my reckoning. See the video below and decide for yourself:

This is COOL and AWESOME!
Posted by Funniest And Craziest Videos on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Like the flying car which is being researched on, this idea may also someday become a reality. Would you buy such car then? Or perhaps a hybrid car - both capable of flying and swimming!!

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