Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Beware: Fifteen harmful effects on your brain due to cellphone addiction

Once upon a time, there lived a people on our earth whose life revolved around TWO telephones: One at home and the other in the office. They lived happily in between the times when they were away from home or office. But then someone invented the digital technology and from then thereafter, lives of people start to change. First came the beepers and then the cellphones. 

 Now, our lives revolves around just one cellphone for everything: From making calls to texting, sharing photos, calculating house budget, finding directions and God knows what from thousands of lucrative apps. And this has made our lives if not easier, but difficult and perhaps a bit miserable too.

I was just reading an article and was appalled to read FIFTEEN reasons how cellphones affect the brains of people who are addicted to using cellphones. Read herein under:

1. Phone addicts run a higher risk for developing depression

2. Those with a phone addiction are more likely to suffer from some type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

3. Phone Addicts may suffer from a lack of social skills

4. The brains of phone addicts show some similarities to that of drug addicts

5. Too much phone use can cause the failure to release melatonin

6. Phone addicts suffer more from a lack of sleep and insomnia

7. Phone addicts have a harder time distinguishing needs versus wants

8. Phone addicts do show a shrinking of brain matter

9. Phone addicts display a poorer work/school performance

10. Phone addicts tend to have reduced inhibitions

11. Phone addicts display a diminished goal orientation

12. Phone addicts may suffer from greater memory loss

13. Phone addicts find it harder to retrieve information

14. Phone addicts develop higher tolerance levels for phone use, require a greater need

15. A phone addict’s brain becomes trained to feel good through phone use

Alarmed? Well you should be if you are addicted to using a cellphone as it takes a heavy toll of your brain. 

Read details on each aspect given above HERE and try to change your life and stay away from your cellphone as much as possible.

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