Monday, March 9, 2015

Around the world in a solar-powered plane takes off from Abu Dhabi

A most daring flight of all times: Around the world in a solar-powered plane has begun with a take off of the Solar Impulse-2 from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Historic take off from Abu Dhabi

It is expected that the flight would take five months covering 35,000 kilometres with Andre Borschberg at the controls of the single-seater vehicle. The solar-powered plane took off at 07:12 local time (03:12 GMT). ndre Borschberg will share the pilot duties in due course with fellow Swiss, Bertrand Piccard.

The first leg on Monday to Oman will cover about 400km and take an estimated 12 hours. Details of the journey are being relayed on the internet.

The tentative route map of the flight is as under:

Read more at BBC

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